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Experiment 2 tested discovery of abstract relations based on spatial or color relations.


For patterns defined by spatial relations, pixel color was uniform and constant, but the pattern could appear anywhere in a grid. For patterns defined by color relations, position was constant and target color was uniform for each display, but color varied across displays.

Speed of acquisition and conscious report of patterns were assessed. Results: Paired comparisons resulted in fastest learning. Learning occurred for both concrete and abstract embedded patterns even when participants could not describe the pattern.

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A pattern-drawing task designed to measure explicit knowledge found that most successful learners typically had little or no knowledge of target shape. Conclusion: Neither concrete nor abstract perceptual learning appear to require conscious awareness.

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Without Conscience: The Disturbing World of the Psychopaths Among Us

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PLoS One. Images from this publication. See all images 2 Free text. MRI shows altered and increased ventricles on both sides. Informed consent was obtained for publication of this figure.


Figure 2 Image of statistic parametric mapping for the contrast A voluntary movements of the healthy hand relative to rest. Brain responses showed activation of M1, SMA, and premotor areas when moving the healthy hand. B When voluntary moving the alien hand, M1 and other areas showed significant activations see for details.

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